Pot Noodle 2000 was a variety of Pot Noodle released to celebrate the millenium. It was available from December 31st 1999 to January 1st 2001.


In 1992 Winston had an idea for a higher quality, limited edition Pot Noodle. Everyone else in Winston's Den agreed so in 1994 his idea went under the working title Pot Noodle X. It was set for release in 1995 but it was cancelled due to negative pre-release reception. One food critic called it "a total shitstorm". In 1997 Winston had plans to create a new Pot Noodle for 2000 only. He named it Pot Noodle ME. However the title was panned by others in Winston's Den. The year later he named it Pot Noodle 2000. It was set for release at the end of 1999.


Pre-release receptionEdit

In 1994 when shown at the Food Show, it was negatively received.

Critical receptionEdit

Pot Noodle 2000 received positive reviews. It was praised for its strong taste and for its higher quality than normal Pot Noodles but was criticized for the flavour going away quickly.

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